Aries And Aquarius: Are They Compatible?

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” This is true of the Aries but you the Aquarius, are an individual of high ideals. You think much ahead of your time. You have your individuality, your own stamped views and therefore your perception, at times, is entirely different from others. But, on many occasions, you are able to veer round others to your view point, you are so convincing, you have done your research over the subject, very well.

Aries does not have much time to do deep thinking. He wishes to have the results here and now. That too, according to his calculations. You Aquarius wish to earn money no doubt, but that you wish to do in your own way. For Aries, means are not of much importance. You are in a hurry for everything, and goody-goody ideas do not fascinate you. Rather, you dismiss them outright. For Aquarius, the results will accrue through motivated thinking, putting the high ideals into practical use.

Both of you should combine well. If Aries has the patience to understand your high ideals, and works to implement it, the results will be precedent-shattering. Aquarius has the capacity to explain and make one understand the practical utility of his lofty principles. When such principles are put to practical use, the results will also have far-reaching consequences.

The growing body of humanity needs the warm water of Aquarius (the sign of this house is waterman). Therefore, the Vedic Principle also accepted by the World Organization, UNESCO, that the “World is one family,” does find an ardent supporter in Aquarius. You are a perfect human being. To you, welfare of humanity, without the distinction of creed, status, sex, color or race is of supreme importance.

If the over enthusiasm of the Aries is tempered by the philosophical yet practical approach of Aquarius, the resultant combination could be truly unique. The unachievable would become achievable. “The word impossible is not in my dictionary,” could be the true guiding principle for the combination of Aries and Aquarius.

So, the possible conflict between Aries and Aquarius is one about the means to be employed to achieve success in life. Whereas, the approach of the former is downright materialistic, for the later ideals are more important. That is to say, the means employed are more important, than the results in themselves. But, this is not the major difference that could end in a break up. The idealism of the Aquarius would sway many, then why not the immediate one?

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