Aries And Capricorn: Are They Compatible?

Both of you are special individuals. You work with a brisk pace. Both of you wish to achieve success in life, but the paths chosen by you to achieve the same, are different. Aries is aggressive, whereas Capricorn is not prepared to throw caution to the wind. You think before you keep one step forward. You make sure about the correctness of the first step, before you move forward. You are not willing to take undue risks, but that does not mean that you are totally conservative. Capricorn can render valuable advice to Aries, to direct the boundless energy.

You both love challenges. Rather, you are not afraid, you don't wish to withdraw from any competitive situation. But, your methods of dealing with the situation are different. Aries is battle-ready ever. Capricorn works with a strategy. Some one has rightly said, 'slow and steady wins the race.'

Aries is not a salesperson. He is vocal to express his feelings and desires. Capricorn pauses and ponders before expressing his reactions. Aries feels that he has a personal stake in all the things that he does. Capricorn has a philosophical approach.

But, regarding family related issues like love and education of the children, you excel each other. The real affection in your hearts get reflected in some delicate moments, concerning the family welfare.

Both of you attract each other like magnets in trying situations like illness. In that area, you are born for each other or made for each other. Your feelings of love and respect for each other, is too intense, under trying circumstances. You treat the difficulties of the other person, as if they are your own.

Sex life is a dominant part of your life and any activity that doesn't yield permanent happiness, is bound to have ups and downs. You too undergo this sort of experience. Sometimes, this may lead to serious types of misunderstanding. In the process, you sometimes hurt each other, without knowing the implications of what actually you uttered. You need to avoid tension and bitterness. Be sure what you want out of life and develop a common strategy, because you both are good individuals.

You as a Capricorn prefer to be disciplined and punctual. In fact, discipline, punctuality and timetable are your watchwords, but do remember, sometimes, the trains do arrive late. Flights are delayed. It is no use terminating the journey in such situations.

You need to walk further, just do not stop!

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