Aries And Pieces: Are They Compatible?

You are Pieces. You are the ardent supporter of mind over matter theory. You think so much, to the point, one can label you as an impractical person. Your first problem with the Aries is this. Aries is down-to-earth and practical. You do a thing first, without worrying for the consequence, rather you don't think about the consequences. If the results are not up to your expectations, you don't blame anyone either, you face the situation boldly. You are wiling to take the risk again, to achieve your objective.

So, how to get along well with the Pieces? Pieces, once get vindictive, are dangerous individuals. Pieces, personality wise are very good, and their sex-score will always be a century, if they are not in the respectable nineties. You have the winning charm. You are good at keeping secrets, your own and of those whom you wish to. Pieces are art-lovers and would love to decorate the house by newer and newer methods.

So, the down-to-earth Aries, will have lots of problems in coping up with the day-to-day situations created by the Pieces, who mostly live in the dreamworld. The personality of the Pieces is so complex, let alone others, you don't even understand yourself. You don't wish to accept full responsibility for your own actions, and you are always ready to find an escape route. That means, you can blame others for your failure, even though you have faulted! There lies your problem with the Aries. Aries does commit fault, but here, you are not afraid or ashamed to own up failures! You have the capacity and guts to try again. For Pieces, it is very difficult to reach at any goal; because you are not always sure what your goal is!

If the relations between the Pieces and Aries go sour, in all probability, the major share of the blame should be on the Pieces. But, you make an excellent partner, if everything goes according to your calculations. You are totally faithful. You are more a spiritual being than a human being.

In fine, it goes to the credit of Pieces, that you won't let any relationship break. You have tremendous capacity to love and you know the art of living under adverse conditions. If you give the desired support of patience and care, to the rash Aries, the results could be fructifying and to the satisfaction of both. The only problem is that, Pieces too often get anxious over things even when there is no cause to worry upon.

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