Medical Astrology

Medical astrology reveals the health conditions of people with different sun sign. Astrological readings can often end up making eye opening medical revelations about a person under scanning. Your zodiac sun sign also reveals about your major anatomical parts. Including those parts, there exist chances of malady in other parts. But, your major anatomical parts are more susceptible to diseases.

Sometimes, even medical tests fail to diagnose certain diseases that ultimately get diagnosed by astrology with incredible accuracy. Astrology is particularly good at diagnosing behavioral disorders. Since various traits are identified by mere observation of birth charts, it is easier to detect behavioral imperfections. If you are well aware of your health conditions through astrological details or forecast, it would be of great help in preventing maladies. Medical astrology provides you an insight into your catabolic and anabolic physiological processes.

Respective positions of sun sign and moon sign are observed to get acquainted with your medical history. An insight into it would suggest you to control certain physiological tendencies to curb possibility of any disease. Astrologers also happen to suggest gems that cast good cosmic effect on various body parts. This astrology also throws light on effectiveness of certain medication on a person with a certain sun sign and birth chart.

It also tells about natural products that suit a person of a particular sun sign. Medical astrology could be traced in almost all genres of astrology. Be it Chinese astrology or Vedic astrology, they all give insight into it. Daily horoscope carries very little on it. It's advisable to access online astrology sites or cyberastro to get a detailed account of it. An example could be given of Capricorn folks. They are prone to maladies afflicting bones, so they must consume calcium in plenty to do away with it.

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