Cancer And Capricorn: Are They Compatible?

Both of you are different. Cancer is a domesticated individual, loves family activities, deeply committed to friendship, they are all a vital part of his life. Without them, he feels helpless and lonely. Capricorn lives a detached way of life. Capricorn finds it difficult to understand why Cancer does behave in a particular style, in a given situation. You feel, the emotions of the Cancer as burdensome.

Time is a great healer, and over a period, both of you will develop the feeling that you are very near to friendship. Because both of you love consistency, loyalty, and feel secured in each other's company. In spite of your differences, you perfect a system of appreciating the view point of each other. But, basically, you react to a particular situation at a given time, in an entirely different manner. On many issues, you don't see eye to eye with each other.

Cancer is a moody individual. You are willing to listen, but always demand total attention. You are unable to accept or tolerate the sense of neglect from your partner. You are a sympathetic individual, and word 'caring' appeals to you, intensely. That is the foundation stone of your love-life and domestic life.

Loyalty is the watchword in the life of Capricorn, but you don't know, at times, how to express the feelings. You fail to understand what is going on in the mind of the other. This confusion is likely to create bitterness and lead to futile arguments. Capricorn is not a rigid individual. But, your lack of expression of timely emotions, gives that feeling to the Cancer. Capricorn dismisses them as child-like qualities. You have a no-nonsense approach. You live life giving more importance to the duty-aspect, and in the process forget the beauty-aspect. You approach any problem with a serious concern. You forget that sweet emotions, humor and witticisms too have a role to play in life.

Cancer loves the strength of the Capricorn, but wonders why Capricorn is so hard on many a issues. You not only tolerate, but also accept the each other's tastes. You intensely care for each other. Both of you strive your best to build an everlasting relationship.

Since your fundamentals are alright, you won't feel the strain. The small contests in fact, cement your relationship on firmer footing.

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