Cancer And Sagittarius: Are They Compatible?

Your nature is entirely different, you are poles apart, and yet can you think of the North Pole without the South Pole? Your mutual relationship is like that. Both of you are good individuals. The difference is one of attitude and approach. The difference is one between the stationery and the fast-moving; like the Pole Star versus the moving star. Sagittarius is an extrovert personality. You like to travel, go out, mix freely with the people, talk to the people. You are a family man Cancer, but your Sagittarius is the 'world is one family' individual. You see the world with the Telescope, and Cancer does not require the glasses either. You are happy with your clear vision.

Your opposite views, can complement each other. The philosopher and the practical individual can go hand in hand. The final goal is the same. Only the paths are different. You can compliment each other, you can compete with each other. Only try to avoid the sense of bitterness, and nurture the feeling continuously that you are living for each other for mutual happiness. Your difficulties begin when you refuse to understand each other with a false sense of ego.

Cancer, the moody individual, is a difficult person to deal with, at times. It is not easy for anyone to make him come out of his shell. Melancholy is part of the nature of Cancer and the lively Sagittarius will have a tough time, in 'taming' Cancer. The philosophical attitude of Cancer plays the useful part here and does a lot to make Cancer revert to the cheerful mode. At times, Sagittarius has no other alternative but to ignore Cancer, until he softens the stand.

Another strong difference is one of perception. Cancer is deeply attached to the past, whereas the future belongs to the Sagittarius. Cancer is home-loving. Sagittarius looks beyond it, is more concerned about the society and people as a whole. Sagittarius loves freedom. You are a thoroughly independent personality. Cancer wishes to remain attached to the roots.

Such contradictions at times lead to frustrating situations. The frank nature of Sagittarius at times borders tactlessness. Cancer makes every situation, small or big, a personal situation. Sagittarius does even realize that he is hurting Cancer's feelings. Sagittarius has a sense of humor, which in the long run, is to the liking of Cancer. You both are jealous; you both are possessive, sometimes without a valid reason.

But as partners, you are highly attracted to each other to the extent of admiring each other. Both of you are good human beings.

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