Capricorn And Capricorn: Are They Compatible?

The practical people sometimes lack one important quality that makes life miserable on many occasions, your lack of humor. It costs nothing to laugh heartily. Your laughter will add more to your enthusiasm. You are in a position to achieve results with the blessings of this factor. You will be surprised yourselves, how the seemingly difficult situations, become easy with the weapon called laughter. Laugh with others. But, don't laugh at others!

Both of you have clear cut objectives in life and you are capable of achieving them. You are honest and reliable, which are the foundation stones for building an edifice of achievement. Your level of integrity is astounding and this is the real strength of both of you. Don't allow boredom to enter into your lives. You can do that by constantly monitoring yourselves and self-search. Don't get too much concerned about your materialistic gains or losses. They come and go.

Both of you are emotional beings, and therefore the understanding between you is near perfect. Both of you fly in the same zone, at the same altitude. At times, you are so much concerned about the materialistic gains, about the improvement in your standard of living, that you ignore your personal and domestic life. Such a situation will not add to your overall happiness. You need to determine the appropriate balance and stay at that position. Both of you are so ambitious, that if you don't get the desired result, you are likely to get frustrated. This danger has to be averted by both of you by deft handling of the situation. Let your ambitions be tempered with reason.

You don't believe in empty talk, both of you are individuals of action. You wish to help others sincerely. You are the believer in the proverbial, 'a friend in need, is a friend indeed.' In the matter of helping others, there is no contradiction between your inner feelings and outer disposition. You can be trusted and relied upon. You become popular and an acceptable individual, on account of this unique quality.

Your emotional level sometimes goes to the extreme. Those associated with you fail to judge you. Your dedication is such that you believe in the total rescue operation about the individual, that you are out to help. Your helping nature is almost an addiction with you. You have a fine sixth sense, you are able to understand the thought currents of the person with whom you are interacting, without a fault. You have a very deep understanding of life, both from its secular and spiritual aspects.

As a couple, you understand your responsibilities to make your family life happy. Domestic peace and happiness is of great concern to both of you and you succeed in maintaining a tranquil atmosphere.

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