Gemini And Leo: Are They Compatible?

You both are delightful personalities. You have many things in common. Humor and fun are parts of your life. On the intellectual side, Leo is not at par with Gemini. Gemini functions at a higher level. Your interests are not limited like Leo. Leo craves for total love and attention from Gemini. If you make a commitment, you take it in all seriousness and try your best to fulfill it. If you like a thing, you will be steadfast and loyal, whereas Gemini's interests are constantly on the move. Leo is known for the sensitive ego, whereas Gemini's approach is casual. On the whole, you are good friends and understand each other very well.

Sometimes Gemini talks, when silence is golden. You talk right things at the wrong time, or wrong things at the right time. You don't have control over your method or style of conversation. You don't give much importance to the delicate situations of life. Leo is very proud, demands careful attention, and appreciation too! Gemini is poor on this front, and has a casual approach. A very serious and sensible discussion is converted into a joke by the Gemini. Sometimes, this may work, but such a disposition is not always good. But, the undercurrent of understanding flows through the hearts of both of you and that should make your living together happy.

The percentage on the points that you agree, is very high and that contributes to an excellent relationship between you. Most of your expectations from life are identical. You have mutual appreciation and respect. You have utmost care for each other. You are happy in each other's company. Therefore, whatever you do, the results are productive, as your vibrations are mutually beneficial.

You have quick understanding of the needs of each other. Gemini can anticipate what is going on in the mind of Leo. You not only tolerate each other, you accept each other willingly. The interdependence is so strong, you feel that you can not live without each other. You back and support, and that is the solid foundation for your harmony in life. Differences do crop up in your relationship, but the manner in which you tackle them, is of supreme importance. Here, the credit goes to both of you.

As you learn more about each other, your adaptability takes strong roots and you become more happy. The intensely emotional relationship has its drawbacks as well. If it cracks, its joining is very difficult, and you may not get that position- what both of you were before the crack!

Both of you desire perfect friendship. You are capable of achieving that level.

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