Gemini And Libra: Are They Compatible?

You are a near perfect match for each other. Both of you are intelligent and have the big hearts to appreciate the points of view of the other. You are not private individuals, both of you like to interact with each other on a regular basis. You like company of people and exchanging ideas with them is your hobby. You love and have the highest regard for your partner.

Your special quality is that you wish the other to stay happy. You are prepared to compromise for the sake of others. You think of so many new ideas at a time, ponder over so many alternatives, that you find it difficult to decide. This happens many times in your life.

The emotional side of your life is well controlled by rationality and reasonableness. Life is, therefore, smooth-sailing for you. You resolve your disputes in a just and equitable manner. Libra makes special efforts to make the relationship smooth. Gemini though guided by emotions, knows when you have to stop the discussion. Gemini has a handy tool to fuse the serious overtones of the arguments- your wit and humor!

Apart from the romantic interests, both of you are excellent companions, ever friendly. You wait for an opportunity to appreciate each other. It is give and take as far as arguments are concerned. It doesn't matter for you as to, who wins the argument. You enjoy the each other's viewpoints and are willing to listen to each other.

Yours is a lasting relationship. It is not just the first flush of enthusiasm. You are genuinely interested in each other, even after years and years of marriage. Your bond at the physical, intellectual and spiritual levels is quite strong. Deep commitment at times can lead to aggression. You find it difficult to tolerate the slightest irritation. But, you know well, that anger and frustration are not going to solve any problems. If anyone of you insists on creating a hostile situation, it will damage you both. You, good individuals, stand to lose.

You like the challenges of life and are willing to give up the old, for the sake of adopting the new. You need to maintain the level of emotional freedom, as both of you are exceptionally intelligent. Accommodate the view point of the other, this is the mainstay of your life.

You both love physical exercises and take meticulous care about your health. Health literature fascinates you and you read it as a matter of routine. You adopt new exercises that appeal to you and those which you consider good from the point of view of maintaining your health.

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