Gemini And Virgo: Are They Compatible?

Here are the two “number one”` batsmen. Both openers! Intellectual exercises are like a sports activity to both of you. Your rapport is excellent. You take time to talk to and appreciate each other. Both of you are witty. Virgo- you are known for your practical approach. Gemini too likes new ideas, but you don't take a particular view point seriously. You jump from one idea to another. Changing sides is easy for Gemini, whereas for Virgo, the shift is difficult, once you take a stand. Because, you do a thing after careful consideration.

Your main drawback is that you wish to do many things at a time. Even you attempt so many things, but it is humanly impossible to achieve all within the limitations of the time. Sometimes, both of you waste your physical energy as you engage yourself in many activities. Gemini flies from flower to flower like a butterfly. Virgo likes a fixed place. You consult this man, and that man and then come to your own decision. As for mistakes, Virgo does not spare anyone, including the self. This could be the point of friction between Virgo and Gemini. The approach of Gemini is casual, whereas it is fixed and decided in case of Virgo. Virgo is careful and has definite ideas about food and nutrition. Order is the way of life for Virgo. Gemini is not a perfectionist. This is another point of friction between the two.

Intellectual games fascinate you both. You love to increase your knowledge. Virgo does anything with sincerity and with a purpose, and Gemini does it for the fun of it, or just to enjoy the new experience.

Both of you are drawn towards spirituality. For Gemini it is a curiosity, for Virgo it is the necessity. Virgo is fascinated by the mysterious working of the Universe. Virgo is intensely worried and occupied about this. Gemini doesn't take life that seriously, but you are ever open to new concepts and ideas.

Virgo has ways of winning over others, that you do by intellectual reasoning, or by coercive convincing. You will even go to the extent of manipulating certain things, to get the desired results. Gemini wishes to have moderation, and he does it by proper counseling to Virgo. In his sober mood, Virgo, in all probability will listen to the advice of Gemini.

Since both of you are strong personalities, your relationship could lead to explosive situations too. It would not be a smooth-sailing for both of you. Both of you need to understand each other and learn the methods of adaptability to each other. You are capable of initiating lots of projects together. Both of you need to remain continuously occupied.

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