Leo And Aquarius: Are They Compatible?

Being poles apart in habits and traits, sometimes helps a lot. You can learn from each other; you can observe each other. You wonder at times, why this person is behaving in a particular way in a given circumstance. Leo and Aquarius are totally different types of individuals and yet both of them can make a good match and bat through the entire innings. The opposite qualities attract each other. Aquarius is a polished personality. Behaves like a thorough gentleman. You maintain a good social circle. You wish to interact and mix with people. Public relation is an important part of your life.

Leo is full of ego, you think that you are an important person, you wish to advise others than take a piece of advice. You could be a part of the team, yet you wish to be different. Aquarius shines in a group. You mix freely with the people and you are drawn towards social circle. You demand and deserve attention from others. Leo believes in personal relationships, and once the relationship is established, you would try to maintain it. As for Aquarius, if there are sufficient reasons to terminate or modify the relationship, you don't hesitate to do so.

One important trait is common with both of you. You can't be forced to do anything against your wish. You can be convinced. When the occasion demands, you are rebellious by nature. You will accept and follow only those ideals about which you are convinced. When you express your opinion and give the judgment about any matter, you are so forceful and emotional that you highly impress the audience before you, whether they are your friends or persons who normally don't share your opinions.

Your lives will not be boring or monotonous. The irritants in your relationship, would help make it lively and interesting. You won't carry any grudge against each other, in spite of your differences. On many occasions, you appreciate each other, though you don't agree with each other. Leo will enjoy his own style, and Aquarius sees paradise in his lifestyle.

So, go ahead with your special relationship, away from the routine, enjoying your differences and conflicts in opinions. Two free countries live under one roof, that is the sum and substance of your relationship. Some disorientation is inevitable, but that will make your lives adventurous! You strongly love each other and yours is a healthy competition!

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