Leo And Leo: Are They Compatible?

You both need to realize that cooperation is better than conflict. The main problem with both of you, is your ego. You wish that all should notice you, and you don't wish to notice or recognize others. You are slow to accept the virtues and good qualities of each other and this could result in friction, or a sense of being ignored by the other. You wish to dominate but you do not like the dominating quality, of the one who is always with you. You don't like to work in a company, a self-centered, creative job suits you very well. Many a times, you hardly wish to communicate. Your aloofness is often misunderstood by the other as neglect. You are absolutely loyal to each other, but you need to discuss the shortcomings, and sort out your differences, which is not difficult for you.

Your relationship is like the double edged sword. Highly successful or just the opposite. There is no middle path. You like each other or hate each other. You love each other but you expect 100 % reciprocal action. If there is a shortcoming, a grueling session of questions and counter questions will follow. Such a situation is capable to take your relationship to a point of no return. You need to take every care to prevent it from turning hostile.

With the onset of the tempest, the grass bows and allows it to pass over. It survives the crisis. The adamant tree stands erect and crashes to the ground. Similar is the case with human relationships. You need to know, when to move forward and when to beat the retreat. If both of you remain steadfastly in your respective positions and hold on to the ground, nothing fruitful will emerge out of the situation. You will emerge as great individuals if you give the elbow room to the other to cool down and reconcile your differences.

Every coin has two sides. If you look forward to the better aspects of your life, and draw encouragement, your relationship could be highly successful. Both of you need to give up the habit of carrying the matters to the extreme. Both of you are tough individuals, but that toughness should be tempered with reason and understanding. You have many similarities, but the few dissimilarities are treated sternly by both of you. There lies the danger for a good relationship.

Your orchestra is excellent. Only you need to remove the muffle that envelops the drum!

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