Leo And Pisces: Are They Compatible?

The relationship between Pisces and Leo is like one between the Captain of the Cricket Team and the member of the team. Leo is always full of ego. Pisces, knowing the incorrigible nature of Leo, is not interested in competing. You think that the honorable submission is the best course for you.

Pisces is not interested to be on the stage, you are happy with your role behind the curtain. You don't like aggressive situations and would like to avoid conflicts. Leo seeks recognition, rather you demand it, whether you deserve it or not. You wish appreciation and your inflated ego is always floating like a balloon. You think you are the meritorious person and it is the duty of the other to admire and adore you. You feel, what you think is always right. Others have no opinions, according to you.

Pisces has the fine sense of anticipation. You can read through the mind of the other person. One need not be vocal about the feelings toward Pisces. You anticipate it. Leo wishes to have everything in black and white. You have such a big load of feelings on your own head that you don't have time, are not interested in understanding the problems of the other. To ignore others, is the style of your functioning.

Pisces is a difficult to understand personality. It is the cause of frustration for Leo, who is quite vocal about his interests. Pisces is secretive, Leo is openhearted and would not hesitate to call a spade a spade. It is easy for Leo to discard the feeling of Pisces, without giving due consideration. This could be the reason for resentment and unhappiness in the relationships.

Leo is a warm personality. Pisces has a closed door attitude. Moods varying! Difficult to understand what is going on in your mind. You are likely to say the exact opposite of what you feel. Leo wants appreciation at all times. Leo demands attention, for nothing. Behaves like a dictator sometimes. The gentle nature of Pisces is no match to that of Leo. Pisces is like the grass, you bow when there a storm and allow its fury to pass away. Pisces has due respect for the feelings and difficulties of others. Pisces is mostly the consenting party to the demands and orders of Leo.

But, it is the silence of Pisces, that is very difficult to understand. Let Leo show some consideration, Pisces will be happy beyond measure. It is very easy for Leo to win over Pisces with sweet nothings.

Nevertheless, you are deeply attracted to each other. If you keep the channel of communication open and express your feelings directly, you will have a fructifying relationship.

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