Libra And Aquarius: Are They Compatible?

You have many traits in common. Both of you love social activities. You don't like to work alone. You like to work and interact with people. Your mutual understanding is perfect and many wonder how your views are so identical. There is openness in your relationship, so people feel confident to deal with you. Your mental responsiveness to each other is admirable.

You have your personal views, but the differences in perspective is so subtle that it can be ignored. Since both of you are intellectuals, it is easy for you to understand each other. You respect each other's views. Your interests are common, your conversation lively and is to the liking of each other. You like mutual consultations and share your ideas. What more is necessary to make your living happier?

At the working level, you have no problems. You can not only understand, but also anticipate and know the expectations of the other. So, the relationship becomes enjoyable. The personal differences do not lead to friction. Libra is emotional whereas Aquarius leans more on the practical side. But, Aquarius enjoys the emotions of Libra. Libra goes by conventions, would not like to break a tradition but Aquarius, crosses the boundary to make the catch. You are a rebel on many issues, but not aggressive to achieve your end.

You support each other to achieve your ambitions and goals. Aquarius is constantly on a move, considers this option and that option for progress and would not hesitate to break the traditions, if considers it to be necessary. Libra is not interested in demolishing the system as a whole, but is happy with minor repairs here and there. Libra has patience to wait for the change, whereas Aquarius will go ahead with the plans, once you are convinced about the efficacy of the new procedure.

But, you are capable of inspiring each other. You often do detailed consultation, though you may not agree on the procedure of implementation. Both of you have high goals and are willing to work for it. But, you need to have a realistic target. If you keep the target too high, even though you work very hard to achieve it, the desired result would not be forthcoming and that will be the cause for your regret.

But, you have the highest regard for each other's capabilities. So, the relationship becomes interesting. Your love life is marvelous and you both like each other immensely. You excel in sharing the beautiful experiences of life, in a style that is unique to you. You rarely injure each other's feelings.

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