Libra And Capricorn: Are They Compatible?

The styles of working of Libra and Capricorn are different, though the objective may be the same. You differ in details though the summary is the same. Libra is never a loner, he always likes company, wishes to interact with the people, ever on the move. He wishes to be on the platform of discussion. Capricorn thinks more about the self. You are more practical. Libra wonders why Capricorn always has a serious disposition to issues, and what exactly is the matter. He wishes a jovial Capricorn, but from where would the Capricorn bring joy, that is not in his nature! According to Libra, Capricorn is not moving with times, and sticks on to the old traditions and values. Actually it is not the case. Capricorn thinks more, and acts less. Libra thinks and acts, without brooding about the pros and cons. Libra is a pleasure loving individual and Capricorn fact loving!

Libra is 'work while you work, play while you play.' Capricorn is, 'work while you work, work while you play.” Capricorn takes every activity seriously. Libra has a matter of fact attitude. Libra has a wide social circle, is interested in developing new contacts, sharing information, and know about all the latest developments in all the fields, wishes to relax after fixed hours of work. Capricorn wishes to work on and on, until he gets exhausted.

The issue is Capricorn's hard criticism regarding some of the actions of Libra. But, with such an attitude, Capricorn will not inspire Libra. Such outbursts of criticism, may frustrate Libra. Capricorn behaves in a peculiar manner, when Libra is upset. For Capricorn, Libra is a mystery. For Libra, Capricorn is the difficult problem, sometimes getting knottier and knottier.

Sometimes, it leads to highly frustrating situations. Libra tries to avoid the complicated situations, to the best of ability and judgment, but how to get a permanent solution is the problem with you both. As for compromise, you won't find a willing partner in Capricorn. It is difficult for you to change opinions, once you form them. Both of you need to understand the meaning of the word, sacrifice, which both of you are capable of. Early compromise and give and take, the only solutions for your tangles. If you take the issues too far, you are damaging your inner self, with the stress that generates.

Sort out the issues that give you strain too often. Both of you need to walk a few steps further and shake hands from a comfortable distance.

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