Libra And Libra: Are They Compatible?

Your relationship is like the scale of justice. Both arms of the scale are important. One is not more worthy than the other. Share and care are the watchwords in your relationships. You can't remain without helping each other. You have abundant time for affectionate conversation. You have genuine and hearty affection. You are diplomatic, at the same time you are truthful. You have a good social disposition. Love all, and be loved by all, is your pet principle. You have the lighthearted approach to any problem and you don't take a grim view of any situation. You both are willing to accommodate and sacrifice your principles for the sake of one another. You don't like to dominate.

You love beauty. You like to discus about lifestyles. You are connected to each other and develop such a perfect understanding as if there is a telepathy link that binds you. You do not give scope for any unpleasant situation to develop. You are willing to shift your positions, change the view point, for the sake of accommodating the other. Even for taking minor decisions, you consult each other intensively. The points of disagreement between you are rare and those are settled by you to your mutual satisfaction. Most of your time is spent in interesting discussion. You definitely achieve the highest degree of domestic peace.

You have an aesthetic sense. There lies the beauty of your relationship. You are able to anticipate what is going on in the mind of your partner, and therefore your relationship is like the beautiful lake, water pure and with even flow, with no disturbance of currents and waves. Without the ego problems, whatever you do, gets the genuine human touch. Since you deal with each other with an attitude of love and service, the result is peace.

Everywhere in your life, at all stages, you work like a joint venture. You enjoy exchange of information. By looking at the style of your functioning, it is easy to understand the meaning of the wise saying, “Two heads are better than one.” You work for a common cause and objective. Even the day to day domestic routine, is systematically organized. Your life is full of positive vibrations. You have the knack and the genuine desire to please each other. You are a 'made for each other' couple. You stand on any pedestal, and win the admiration of the people around you.

You are witty and humorous. That adds the special color to your relationship.

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