Aries And Scorpio: Are They Compatible?

The toughest problem with the Aries is that you have a one way system of traffic. You refuse others to overtake you. But, here you have another tough driver, who is an expert in finding his way. Scorpio will do exactly the opposite, to set the scores right. A Scorpio can not change one of the fundamental qualities, which is very special. The feel of being jealous about everything. It is so deep-rooted that you can do nothing about it. Life long suffering is probably the only alternative.

The views of the Aries and Scorpions, for the activities to be conducted within the four walls of the house, are poles apart. Scorpion believes that domestic life is domestic life. Other activities have no place in it. Aries thinks the other way round. He likes parties and company of friends, around him. He likes the noisy atmosphere.

Many experts in astrology do not recommend this union for the simple reason that both of them are dominant. They don't give scope to each other. Scorpio has certain strong ideas and ideals, and when the dominant, fiery nature of Aries comes into conflict with it, naturally there are sparks. The jealous nature with demanding sexuality makes Scorpio, a vicious personality. A Scorpio wants total possession of the body and the mind.

Business partnership between the two is not recommended. The responses of both of you are entirely different, so reconciliation is too difficult. Suspicion and jealousy of Scorpio makes a deadly combination for the Aries to get on with. But Aries is not the sign to succumb and surrender. So, the conflict becomes inevitable. Both, Aries and Scorpio are tough; between the two, Aries gets more marks. Though not totally acceptable, he is certainly more tolerable than the Scorpio.

Another major area of conflict; the Aries may forget the outbursts of his anger soon. But, Scorpio will not, unless the retaliatory action is done to the satisfaction. Scorpio will never forgive or forget. Aries is willing to change with the times, but Scorpio finds it difficult to relent.

As for sex life, both of you are compared to electric current. That does not mean that you are perfect partners or lovers. You should never equate passion with love. When you do it, you come into all sorts of troubles. Another negative aspect of your life is that you believe in outsmarting your partner and that you think to be your achievement. You avoid direct communication in confusing situations. Without proper communication and talks, your confusion problems will become more confusing problems. When they become chronic, even if you wish to solve them, you don't know which way to go, as your ego is a big roadblock.

Don't insist for instant solutions for your wants. Time is a great provider as well as a healer.

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