Cancer And Aquarius: Are They Compatible?

The main problem with Cancer is the level of emotions. You always think about the world and the surroundings as it should be, according to your calculations, and not as it is, due to the prevailing circumstances. You are deeply attached to your homely surroundings. It is difficult for you to forget the people known to you and the things to which you are attached. You stick on to a particular place or profession for a long time. You don't like change, unless it is absolutely necessary. Aquarius on the other hand is a fair-weather bird. You adapt yourself well, as per the demand of the circumstances. You make quick friends and give them up even quicker. You don't attach yourself too much to anything or anybody. Cancer, though not totally materialistic, wants to secure himself with more earnings and savings. Aquarius is happy go lucky and does not think much about the future.

As for the vision, you two are again poles apart. Cancer thinks about the limited, and Aquarius about the unlimited! Cancer thinks more about the family and the immediate surroundings. Aquarius has a broader perception and works from a higher altitude. You have a universal outlook and approach to things. Your goal is, anything you do should appeal to and help the maximum number of people for the maximum time. You care for the interests of the society, over the interests of the family. This attitude of the Aquarius, is one of the major problems for the Aquarius.

Cancer  loves not to move, you are happy with your present lifestyle, conventions and traditions mean a lot to you. Aquarius does not like the traditional market, you like exhibitions and malls! Something exciting! Cancer finds it difficult to understand the enthusiasm of Aquarius in this regard. Cancer considers all this, is waste of time and money. Drastic changes will upset you, whereas Aquarius wants it that way. You like to maintain your own individuality and would not like to depend on anything or anybody.

Many a times, your relationship could be quite unpredictable. One of you will turn frustrated by the rigidity of the approach of the other. Nevertheless, your relationship is of the novel type. Something exciting and new is happening with both of you quite often. Your goal may be the same, but the approach is different. To work for a common cause jointly, is difficult for both of you. It is better, you traverse by different paths to achieve your common goal! Your differences lie in the details, and not the end-product.

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