Cancer And Libra: Are They Compatible?

It is a 50-50 relationship. Many good points and many not exactly bad points. Your needs are different,  your temperaments are different.

Notwithstanding this basic difference, you know and anticipate the need of the other. To maintain personal rapport, you are willing to go two steps forward. Both of you take initiative to maintain the harmonious atmosphere at the domestic level. Peace at home is important to you. You detest conflicts and confrontation, unless the matter is very serious.

The main differences are, Libra has a principled approach to the issues. Libra is rational and goes by logic. Justice and fair play are his twin objectives in any matter. Cancer thinks otherwise. His sympathy and loyalty depend upon the individual and varies from situation to situation. Libra wants a discussion and conversation, before the decision is given on a complicated issue. Cancer is ruled by his emotions.

Cancer who needs the emotional security always, is willing to play the second fiddle. Libra wants an equitable partnership. Live and let live, is his principle. Libra is not selfish, at the same time, no selfish elements can rule over Libra. None can take undue advantage of generosity and goodwill of Libra.

Libra is more inclined towards the romantic aspect of the partnership. Cancer wants to be loved and seeks the protective umbrella. So, the differences are at the intellectual level. They don't threaten the foundation of your relationship. No demolition of the friendly superstructure. But, you feel the tremors many a times.

Emotional persons are generally irrational. Reasoning fails with them. Cancer suffers from this malady. Libra is more stable and stands on a firm footing on many issues.

Both of you need to curb your peculiar tendencies. Don't argue for the sake of arguments. Your relationship is the special one. The individual who has won the arguments, has not actually won. The individual who has lost the argument, has not actually lost. There is neither victory or defeat in your relationship. Take care of the emotions of others, and think how one silly utterance can cause damage to the psyche of the person in front of you.

In fine, you are an ideal couple. Others may envy your happiness.  Both of you converse interestingly and that impresses others. You succeed in any joint venture provided, you discuss the details in advance and fix the responsibilities of the project. You have the quality of sincerity in abundance that makes any relationship smooth-sailing.

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