Gemini And Scorpio: Are They Compatible?

You two are parallel tracks of the train that run for the same destination. One is slow track and the other one is fast track! That is the difference between Gemini and Scorpio. The goal is the same, but the approach is different. You Scorpio, do anything with lots of emotions and commitments. As for human relations, the approach is the same- love and like something intensely. Gemini takes everything lightly. Therefore, Scorpio finds it difficult to trust Gemini. Scorpio wishes to experience everything directly. Not reposing implicit faith in anyone, is the philosophy of his life. Scorpio likes hard work. He gives equal regard to all types of work. Your interests and the style of working are the same. The important difference is the level of understanding.

This being the case, compatibility becomes the problem. Your emotions are so varied, mutual appreciation is rendered difficult. The result is mutual criticism. Scorpio has strong opinions about everything. Gemini has the ability to stand away and watch, without being affected by a difficult situation. Scorpio wishes to swim himself. Gemini is content to watch others tackle the waves of the sea, from the shore.

Gemini has several tools to tackle the obstinate ways of Scorpio. It could be sober reasoning, wit and humor, take cover or keep absolutely silent.

Another important difference between the two is, Gemini is a social being, would like to move in company and ever expand it. He likes discussions and giving opinions. Not so with Scorpio who is a withdrawn individual, may refuse to give interviews to people at times. Scorpio is very famous for the jealous trait, which you so often exhibit. The demanding nature of the Scorpio at times poses problem for Gemini. Gemini is not capable of responding to the demands of Scorpio. This could result in serious types of friction and it goes to the credit of Gemini that he successfully tides over the situation, with  wit and humor.

All these differences notwithstanding, you are an ideal pair. You are good friends. You appreciate the best in each other. There exists a permanent undercurrent of goodwill between both of you. You give mutual support to each other, very well.

Patience is the keyword for both of you. There is nothing in the qualities of both of you that could result in a serious confrontation. Since you are strongly attracted to each other physically, you will have happy tidings in your life. Both of you seek perfection in every aspect of your life, the only problem is that of levels.

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