Gemini And Aquarius: Are They Compatible?

You are like boxing champions in a ring, but it is a friendly fight. Both of you fight and both of you win! Intellectually, you are more than a match for each other. You kindle the warmth in the hearts of each other. You enjoy each other's company. In conversation, both of you excel and it is a permanent source of enjoyment for you. You make very good friends. Your viewpoints on many issues are similar. You like to participate in social activities. Every aspect of your life thrives with enthusiasm.

Aquarius is highly determined, takes matters to the extreme, relentlessly pursues an objective, and sometimes this is the problem with Gemini. How to control the galloping Aquarius? Some people do consider Aquarius a fanatic. But, Gemini do understand why the Aquarius behaves thus. Gemini, in fact, is pleased with this quality of Aquarius. It is a joy to observe his passions and intelligent goals, how intensely Aquarius works for them. There is no power struggle between Gemini and Aquarius, though it always seems that Aquarius is involved in one power game or the other. Gemini takes everything lightly and many a times, enjoys the situation. If you commence a joint project, it is likely to become highly successful.

The mind of the Aquarius is ever on the search for new projects, and you get the required encouragement from Gemini. Gemini knows that Aquarius has lots of talents and energy. That Aquarius has the capacity and ability to set a new program and see it through. Once you understand the moves of Aquarius, it is easy for you to understand the situation. You both are progressive and love to implement new projects in your own style. This novelty gets you the real thrill for your work. You love freedom of work and value each other's freedom greatly. Both of you have the capacity to take quick decisions. Aquarius will stick to the decision, whereas Gemini may falter and think about the alternative route to achieve success.

The world of entertainment or creativity fascinates you both. You could be a good writer, or excel in sports activities. Mental games like chess, carom are also amongst your immense likings. If you develop a perfect working co-operation, you could achieve stunning results.

But, there is one uncertainty about your nature. Your relationship can break like a glass, when you take the differences in your opinions to the other extreme. You love each other passionately, and in a conflicting situation, you would hate each other immensely. But, it could never be a permanent break as the positive vibrations soon take control of the situation.

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