Aries And Virgo: Are They Compatible?

You both wish to live 'value based' life. You both are honest. Virgo takes the criticism in stride and attaches great importance to it. A Virgo wishes to improve the quality of his life on the basis of criticism. Aries just tolerates criticism, and would in all probability, brush aside the good lessons of the criticism.

Reconciliation between the two, is sometimes difficult, as both of you would like to stick to your respective stands, howsoever small may be the margin of differences. Virgo, by nature is a giver and would not mind his 'second-in-command' position. But, on many small issues, your likes and dislikes are so different, that you continue to live on a stressful note for a very long time on many occasions.

Virgo can take quick decisions, but not the impulsive ones. Virgo takes fast decisions only on matters which he is sure about. Aries acts first, without bothering much about the consequences. The emotional outbursts of the Aries, without rhyme and reason, are not to the liking of the Virgo. His sensitive nature can not accept such irresponsible beatings. Aries will dismiss the concerns and worries of Virgo as silly.

Virgo is a perfectionist. He does not commit a mistake, deliberately never, and he can not tolerate and accept the mistakes of others. Aries being daring in nature, will embark upon new ventures, and as he acts on relentlessly, is bound to commit mistakes. A bold man does not like constant criticism. And this is the problem between the Aries and the Virgo. In such critical situations, Aries needs to help Virgo, for successful implementation of the creative ideas of Aries.

Even with the sense of responsibility towards each other, the frustrations and difficulties may be, sometimes too difficult to endure and cracks in the relationship are possible.

The emotional Virgo has difficulties to cope up with the never-ending criticism of the Aries. He would feel that his life is nothing but the prisoner's life. Virgo has a big emotional world that needs constant care. Just by giving elbow room to each other, you can lead a wonderful life, and be the envy of your neighbors.

As the relationship matures, both of you would have reconciled to your past follies, and at that stage, one can give the nomenclature of 'made for each other' couple to you. But, you need to make constant efforts to deserve and retain this title.

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