Cancer And Cancer: Are They Compatible?

You identify with people and places and that identification is very strong. The roots are very deep.You nurture relations and friendship very well. You can not take any remark lightly. You love your family and the attachment is noteworthy. You are true to your feelings. You can't pretend, even though, at times, you try to hide your true feelings, for the sake of comfort of the other. If you two are from different levels, and different backgrounds, your problems are all the more same. You love all the things with a sense of ownership.

You blend together very well, because you understand each other. The levels and reactions to a particular situation are easy to understand. You seek absolute security and protection in your relationships. You seek a strong home base. Both of you are moody and that is your problem. You don't take anything lightly and you value the companionship greatly. You love deeply and expect the reciprocal action from your partner. Just a small neglect, and your mood turns off.

At times, both of you behave like children. You demand lots of attention. You love to depend upon each other, even when the need of the hour requires you to remain thoroughly independent. This child-like behavior and approach is good sometimes, but not always. You need to know and learn how to shoulder your own responsibilities. You need to grow strong; never try to remain as a weakling.

Limitations and responsibilities are two way traffic, if understood in the proper sense. Taken to the extreme, they are like a one way traffic, and are likely to end up in confusion and traffic jams. Both can not act like the coach at the same time. One has to be a player who learns from the coach. If both of you try to outsmart each other, the result could be frustration. Too much morality and idealism are not going to deliver the desired results. Don't be overzealous in controlling and reforming others.

Yours' is a peculiar relationship. Both of you wish to have a long-lasting commitment. So far so good. But if it is only the talk of discipline, discipline and more discipline, to the extent that it affects the charm of your life, what is the use of such discipline? If that discipline stifles the tender feelings, again it is a problem. You need to know the art of creating a scenic beauty for the platform to conduct your day to day activities.

Don't try to erect walls and make compartments in your day to day life. Live life, like the child plays in an open ground.

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