Do You Really Belive in Astrology?

How superstitious are you? This is a funny topic because so many different people have so many mixed views and opinions. I laugh my butt off when i speak with some religious fanatics. They are so adamant and absolutely positive that God and Heaven exist. And once we die, our spirit is released from this physical realm and progresses on to Heaven. Okay, that's fair enough. I'm not knocking it in any way. However, then if you bring up the idea of ghosts, they look at you like you're absurd. This makes no sense. So an earth-bound entity is completely ridiculous, but spirits, God and Heaven are totally acceptable and realistic? Give me a break! Talk about being naive. Some people only believe what makes them feel comfortable. I just think it's lame to say you believe so strongly and then come off like a hypocrite. Grow up folks! And then there's astrology readings and tarot cards. What is your take on these?

I have never been big into signs and fate. The whole astrology readings phenomenon throws me for a loop. I mean think about this for a moment. Have you ever checked into your personal astrology readings or horoscope? The ones that go with your birth sign? It's more than a little vague, and it's very far-fetched. In all honesty, i think someone was very bored one day and they decided to develop a new thing. It was called the horoscope. I read mine last month and i think it could be applied to virtually anyone and everyone. I think it said something like "You have five fingers, but your toes are shorter than them. You like to eat food. In fact it may be crucial to your very existence. You will have to make a decision within the next few days." Wow, is that astute insight or what? Okay, so maybe it didn't read exactly like that, but pretty close.

Were you aware that you could attain astrology readings and horoscopes on the World-Wide-Web? Suddenly i am seeing into your future. You most likely have a PC or Mac. You will check an e-mail account today. You may even look into cyberspace astrology readings for insight regarding the future and your character. How was that? Did that sound about right for a horoscope? Oh well, i'll leave it up to Ms. Cleo next time.

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