Cancer And Scorpio: Are They Compatible?

Both of you are highly sensitive individuals. Your bond is strong and your feelings are intense for each other. Welfare of the other, is supreme for you. At the emotional level, you are poles apart. Cancer is considerate and kind to others, whereas Scorpio dismisses such an attitude as mere sentimentality. Cancer has to take care not to wound the psyche of Scorpio. Scorpio is not likely to forgive or forget. In a particular situation, Scorpio can be vindictive as well. Cancer, on the other hand, is a silent sufferer. You won't share your personal difficulties and seek solutions with others. You suppress your feelings and suffer unnecessarily.

Intense emotional bonding at times causes intense problems. For Scorpio, if a decision is taken on any issue, to review and revise it, is difficult. You will stick to your guns. In your relationship, this is a  problem, but not grave enough to damage it permanently. Your attachment remains stable.

But yours is a peculiar relationship. You understand each other very well. You are deeply attached. You have a genuine feeling that you can not live without the other. Cancer loves to depend on others; the ones who love you. It is the very same position with the Scorpio as well. But, the emotional content of Cancer's mind is high. Scorpio succeeds in hiding the emotions. The emotions of both of you are so strong that you are unable to make the realistic assessment of a given situation.

The main difference between the natures of Cancer and Scorpio is one of degrees. Extremism is the nature of Scorpio. Many a times, you are not a balanced personality and you do not change your opinion, once you are at it. You are bent upon doing what you wish, right or wrong. You react in a very strong manner, when you don't agree with someone.

Therefore, it is very difficult for you to exactly make out what transpires in the mind of the Scorpio. You are not an open personality. You may say something superficially, to temporarily satisfy an individual, but do exactly the opposite, when the time of action arrives. Cancer is taken aback and feels sad at the display of vindictive attitude of Scorpio. But, what can be done about it? The real nature of the Scorpio is, what it is! No one should try to change it; it is futile. But, it is not the end of the story. Of his own, over a period of time, Scorpio may change, when reason dawns.

But, life would be smooth sailing for you, as far as relationships are concerned. The qualities of reality and idealism dominate your lives. But, the difficulty of Cancer is to catch the real Scorpio- what are your true intentions. It is necessary that both of you develop a working relationship, based on clearcut communication. That will ease the tension between you.

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