Gemini And Sagittarius: Are They Compatible?

Your activities are different, your interests are diverse and yet you are capable of fine tuning them to live a happy life. Differences notwithstanding, you are capable of reaching to that path which will take you in the direction of a common goal. You  wish to live a life of hectic pace and you like challenges.

Sagittarius has the comprehensive approach to life. Your plans are grand and lofty. Gemini doesn't think deeply about the trials and tribulations of life. You believe,'cross the bridge when you come to it.' Sagittarius has a missionary zeal. Gemini has just the zeal. Gemini does not think much about the intelligently crafted plans of Sagittarius. It is just a source of entertainment. But, the strong point of both of you is that you are capable of arriving at a conclusion. You are adaptable and practice the art of living for each other, perfectly.

It is a strange mixture of love-hate drama. You live and find your adjustments in a peculiar manner. You are together, yet you are apart. This is a strange paradox of your relationship. You love each other, but do not do open exhibition of it before one another.

Some of your interests and hobbies are common. Reading books for example. You both love personal freedom. You like to move from one place to another. Hop from experimenting with one idea to another. You are interested in meeting people with varied interests and you are ever ready to learn from them.

Both of you are excellent friends, because you have many things in common at the intellectual level. Your philosophical approach and ideals are almost identical. Your friendship is romantic as well, and it has to be! You like each other from the bottom of your hearts. Gemini has a special asset, wit and humor, and he uses it to diffuse the tense situations which sometimes occur in your lives. The debating and arguing quality is natural with the intellectuals. But in your case, the ending is always happy. In intellectual arguments, you are more than a match to each other.

The pairs of opposite will powerfully influence your life. Yet, you are attracted to each other like magnets. You love each other intensely. You submit to each other. But, none of you consider this quality as a weakness, and engage in the game to outsmart each other. You are capable of influencing each other deeply, so as to change the pattern of life.

In the end, your talents matter a lot. The common point of meeting is your talent and your mutual appreciation for one another.

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