Taurus And Cancer: Are They Compatible?

The relationship between Taurus and Cancer is like between the moon and the seashore! You feel refreshed and invigorated in the company of each other. You have many things in common that contribute to domestic happiness. Both of you aim to secure a beautiful home. Whether it is bringing up children or trying out new varieties of food, both of you are excited and delighted to contribute to the efforts. The attachment to the family is too deep with the Cancer. Taurus too likes stability and would not prefer anything that would disturb the harmony of the quiet life between the four walls.

Between the two, Taurus has a practical sense, whereas Cancer rides on emotions. Cancer has unpredictable moods and is deeply sensitive. He bothers himself with intensity of his emotions. But, the commitment of Taurus is total, in times of difficulty, you will find it even more.

You live like companions and friends, and there lies the beauty of life for you. You love simple things of life and are happy and content in the small excitement, life provides for you. Both of you are soft in your disposition and your positive attitude is of immense liking with your friends and relatives. You do not like crowd and party atmosphere, you like secluded places that provide peace of mind.

Both of you are charming personalities, and it can safely be concluded that you are made for each other! You are capable to attract and influence those with whom you come in contact. Your personality and aptitude solves a majority of your problems. You will be accepted with a loving and appreciating heart wherever you go or interact.

Your aesthetics taste is also similar. Pleasures of life on a moderate scale are acceptable to you. You appreciate the beauty of art and literature. It is the sense of creativity that bonds you together, and this is no ordinary bond. This creativity inspires you continuously.

You both love each other deeply. You are an ideal pair. So much so, you could be the envy of your neighbors. You understand each other very well. You create interdependence to great levels and this is your strength. You will find no difficulty in solving small irritants that might crop up in your relationship, for both of you have a sincere desire to live happily.

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