Taurus And Libra: Are They Compatible?

This is an ideal relationship. Both of you like peaceful approach to life. You enjoy each other's company. At the same time, both of you are good public relations individuals. Whereas, the percentage of truth and reality in your relationship is on the very high side, differences do exist, unseen by others.  Libra likes company and friend circle, where Taurus likes silence or minimum conversation. Talk to the point, so to say. Public entertainment is the place where Taurus hates to be, whereas Libra loves it.  In their respective area of interests, Taurus and Libra seem to be inflexible at times. There is a major difference in your lifestyles.

But, the areas of your agreement are too strong. Your relationship is, therefore, full of harmony and pleasantness. You are levelheaded and are able to control anger. This is no ordinary quality. Libra is very diplomatic and does know how to handle a difficult situation. Taurus has lots of patience and has the capacity to dilute the effect of an offensive situation. Libra thinks about various ways and means to keep the relationship on a high pitch and is interested in new experiments and experiences. Taurus is like a stationary wagon!

The expectations of Taurus are simple. You don't crave much, and are happy with the available comforts. Libra has varied interests, like cultural events, entertainment programs and alike. The problems in this area are not the major ones, but they do create irritants. But, both of you are able to overcome them.

But, there is a strange paradox in your relationship as well, and both of you know it. This blow hot and blow cold relationship has almost become a routine with you, and nothing much to worry about this usual development. You intensely love each other or you seriously hate each other, without actually hating! This is the beauty of your relationship. There is no intermission, a dull moment in your life. Either it is enjoyment for you, or enjoyment for the others!

Many a times, you buy quarrels. Both of you! You wish to win your point by argument. You know, it has never been possible for you in the past, yet you don't wish to give up the try. Even in love, you demand it from the other, which is not a wise method.

Sometimes, both of you think that you are so intelligent, that you can fool the other. Its effect is short-lived, and when the reality dawns on the other, the relationship becomes frustrated. You need to keep your thinking clean and straight and never try to outsmart the other.

You live life on your terms, and yet you are compatible! You live it as one should!

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