Astrology Cancer

‘Astrology cancer’ computes all the qualities of the persons who are born between June 22nd and July 22nd. The zodiac sign to which they belong is called Cancer, and the sign is of the Crab. “Astrology cancer” tells all about the quality of the persons having the zodiac sign cancer. In the science of Astrology, cancer is considered as the group having the least clear signs and traits and is very difficult to come into conclusions.

Astrology cancer tries to reveal all the qualities of a cancer man or woman. Woman falling under this sun sign, varies a lot. There are woman having shy, dull as well as brilliant and beautiful qualities. Then there are men who are generous, lovable, soft natured and at the same time some of them very hard and dominating. Cancer women have in them all the range of human qualities.

Good qualities of a person having the astrology sign cancer:

They are lovable, emotional, intuitive, cautious, imaginative, shrewd, sympathetic and very much protective. Hence, you find so many generous qualities in them. Though, at times they are difficult to understand, yet they are the most versatile personality. The cancer women are basically home loving and at the same time they are conservative also. The cancer man on the other hand is very protective of family and values.

Some negative qualities of cancer sun sign:

It’s because they are moody, that’s why often they are misunderstood as complicated personalities. They are very changeable, over emotional and very touchy. And above all they won’t let you go! Stubbornness is their prime trait. Cancer people are very rigid in their thoughts and won’t let surrender easily.

Well these are some of the astrological predictions for cancer sun sign. But they are not applicable to all. They are general presumptions, so, to get the perfect nature you need to provide more and more data to an astrologer for getting the exact nature of yours.

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