Taurus And Sagittarius: Are They Compatible?

You are opposite poles, and 'opposite poles attract each other,' could be your consolation, but actually it is not! Your hearts are like muffled drums. The music of each other will not be audible to you, and if audible, will not be so sweet. It would be dull and unenthusiastic! Your interests are separate and your ways are different. Yet you need to stay together and that you do well, as you have the capacity and willingness to understand each other. Both of you wish that the relationship may work, and this willpower makes the relationship actually work!

The wide-ranging interests of the Sagittarius at times baffle the sober, quiet Taurus. Your emotional needs and cravings are entirely different. Sagittarius remains in the place of action and very much wishes to involve in it. Taurus is content to be a silent spectator. Sagittarius is a travel-bird. Taurus finds the heaven within the four corners of the house, happy with the routine life. Domestic peace and stability are of importance to Taurus. The restlessness of the Sagittarius causes problems and at times amazement to Taurus!

Sagittarius looks forward for a bright and adventurous future. Taurus is concerned with the present and the normal day to day happenings. At times, Sagittarius feels stifled by the less enthusiastic and unenterprising Taurus. Taurus advises Sagittarius that the wings need to be very strong before embarking upon a long flight.

But, these differences are not unsurmountable, and indeed both do realize the need of the situation and act accordingly. You don't wish to pull the carpet down below other's feet at the most unsuspected moment. You don't wish to defeat the other, because your victory is synonymous with the victory of the other, because you are life-long partners.

In sex, you have the aggressive approach, but not in tune with your emotions. Love, affection and sex are two different matters. Sagittarius needs to know more about the sober qualities of Taurus, and needs to care for the tender heart in a positive manner. Jealousy and possessiveness are not the best solutions for any tangle in such relationship. Spontaneity in relations is the solution for many a vexed situations. Instead of questions and counter questions in the matter of human relationships, a sense of humor solves many critical problems at times!

Patience and perseverance are required to win the other to your point of view. To your surprise and joy, you will find that the other person is also willing for the change, and all is well that ends well.

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