Aries And Libra: Are They Compatible?

The basic and the foremost difference between Aries and Libra is that Aries is impulsive, capable of taking rash and quick decision, without worrying about the consequences, whereas Libra is an individual of caution. You give equal importance to both sides of the coin. Not only you apply your mind properly, you are willing to consider the opinion of others, take advice from the experts, before you come to a conclusion. One-sided view is the thing that you dislike the most. Aries is just not interested in what others have to say. Libra cares much about even the small matters, where a decision is needed.

This basic but strong difference needs to be reconciled. Both of you need to find a permanent solution, so that the going is good for you on a permanent basis. It is the contest between the strong will power of the Aries and the weak will of the Libra. As for making compromises and adjustments, it would be the turn of Libra, mostly. You can expect little or no accommodation from your Aries partner in this regard. Aries is structured like that.

The wise saying, 'opposite poles attract each other', is very true in your relationship. Though you are poles apart on many issues, some of the opposite qualities are the source of cementing bond between you. Both of you are simply fascinated by the strength of the other, in this regard.

Libra is a great compromiser and for the continuing relationship between the two, the major credit, if not the sole credit, goes to Libra. Aries is incapable of compromises and goes by his own path, chartered by him, without any consultation. Libra avoids unpleasant situations, and does not like negative emotions, whereas Aries revels in it.

The method to solve the personal problems that unfortunately are quite common with Aries and Libra, are different. Libra is a willing listener, would like to take the counsel of others, Aries takes own decisions. No patience to listen to the views of others, sometimes it is a wastage of time, as per the thinking of Aries.

And for the sex life and romance, you both have a common cause. There are hardly any differences

among you on this count. Otherwise, sparks fly too often in your relationships, and you hardly have a smooth going time. Both of you however are perfect in the art of living under tension!

That's how your relationship would be- abnormally normal or normally abnormal!

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