Gemini And Capricorn: are They Compatible?

The differences between you are fundamental. One of approach and that of likes and dislikes. Capricorn works to a system. You have your methods and fixed plans. You wish to make it a perfect execution and you have clearcut goals. You are willing to wait for it patiently for years together. Your dedication for a cause or for a project needs to be emulated by others. Gemini wishes to tread the easier route and if need be, will change the route altogether. Adaptability to achieve success is no ordinary quality and that is what Gemini precisely does. Gemini would not wait for long at a point of stagnation and would think of the alternatives to achieve the objective.

Gemini has the heart of the child. Capricorn behaves like the grown up individual and applies his mind properly before acting or taking the final decision in any matter. As for reliability and consistency, be on the side of Capricorn always. Capricorn deserves full trust.

On occasions, these fundamental differences work to mutual advantage. Capricorn make the life too serious and difficult for himself by unnecessarily worrying over the matter. You are terribly upset if you can not accomplish anything up to your satisfaction. You are a glutton for work, you burn the midnight oil, and if the results are not satisfactory, you feel very sad. In such a situation, your Gemini has a role to play. He takes the sting out of the difficult situation by his witticisms.

It is not to the liking of the Capricorn, when Gemini takes everything lightly. But for Gemini, no situation is a serious situation.

Due to this contradiction, you overreact to certain situations. You feel that the other is dominating. You could frame a wonderful working relationship, provided you are willing to accommodate each other. Give the other some elbow room and see what the results could be! If you are unable to develop such a working relationship, it is better for you to work separately to achieve your economic goals.

Didn't the fox say that the grapes are sour, when it could not get at them? Similar is the situation between you. When you terribly disagree with each other, you intelligently wish to sweep under the carpet your deficiencies. Try to do some physical activities so that you can burn some portion of your negative energies!

Pay some attention to the likes and dislikes of each other. Otherwise, each day will be a day of tension in your life!

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