Aries And Aries: Are They Compatible?

An Aries individual is not the one to fall in love and duck in marriage. He is vocal about his intentions, and means business. He is possessed with love and expects to be loved intensely. If not, he is disappointed. You are great in love, but tragic in complaints if your wish is not fulfilled. Extremity is the hallmark of your nature. Your love is limited to physical passions and does not touch the soul. Any type of physical pleasure can not be permanent. And when you bank upon impermanent and fleeting pleasures, you can not expect permanent happiness.

Therefore, compatibility between Aries and Aries is either total success, or total failure. Total failure, does not however mean, that the relationship would stand terminated. Instead, the living would become day to day torture. You can not build a permanent everlasting structure, with defective, inferior quality bricks. As an Aries, you need to remember, that if you are too much antagonistic to your parter, beyond the tolerable or acceptable limits, you will be responsible to drive your partner in search of greener pastures. For, he or she must fulfill the physical lust, which is difficult to control for the Aries.

If you think that you are going to improve the one dear to you, by bitter criticism, or by taking extreme stands, you are sadly mistaken. You lose respect for each other and begin to hate each other. It is then difficult for you to return from the land of hatred. You push too hard to get your points right, but you will not succeed. It will add to bitterness. No doubt, marriages are made in heaven, and when you see one Aries living happily with the other, your belief in the statement is further strengthened. For, it is no ordinary achievement on the part of both. Your only problem is your matchless ego. Unburden yourself with the ego problem, and you are one of the finest individuals.

Business partnerships between the two Aries is not desirable. Both possess the quality of dominance, and two bosses cannot sit in one chair. Your quality of dominance is not going to help you in any matter. You need to learn the path of reconciliation. Do not always compare, who is good and who is better. Criticisms sometimes help improve, but if you take it to the extreme, it will give unfavorable results.

But, as far as the creativity aspect is concerned, you both make excellent partners. In this area, you have the capacity to appreciate one another. Your competitive spirit, if it is in the area of sports, is bound to give favorable and excellent results. Rivalry is not good, but healthy rivalry gives tangible results.

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