Capricorn And Aquarius: Are They Compatible?

One of the best combinations perhaps from the point of view of astrology! Both of you have a competitive spirit. You have so many positive qualities in common that it is quite easy for you to understand what is going on in the minds of each other. You both are career oriented. You have ideas and you wish to implement them to the point of success. Capricorn is a practical person. You may not do innovative things, but you will complete the program at hand to its perfect conclusion. You are reliable and honest. Aquarius keeps track of the present trends, interested in trying out new things, and keeps contact and interaction with many people. You are aware of the latest happenings in the field that interests you. You are so much concerned about attainments and achievements that you neglect your domestic life. This is one lacuna in your relationships. Many times, you are so much involved in your projects and work, that you don't have time for each other. You miss the finer things of life.

Aquarius is interested in change. Likes to always remain on a move. You are an independent personality. You don't like to accept others' command. You have your own perception, views and your own style of functioning. You are interested in changing for the better. Capricorn loves the 'ancient heritage.' You rely on the tried and tested methods. Outwardly, you look liberal and progressive, but when it comes to implementation, you are not interested in taking risks.

You don't give a free outlet to your emotions. You suppress them and the person interacting with you is not in a position to understand what exactly does transpire in your mind. Both of you are silent and secretive, for your own reasons.

Both of you can not be categorized under the category of normal human beings. You can't be disciplined as per the dictates of the others. You have your independent style of thinking and functioning. You are rebel against any procedures that hold up progress. When you are in your elements, you nearly shake the individuals standing in front of you. You can't be influenced in your ways of working. Your unusual way of working may astonish many.

You have a great sense of beauty and appreciation. A portion of your mind is always curtained or closed. You chase the good qualities of others, and try to forget the bad ones. You have a good spiritual understanding that adds to the positive aspect of your personality.

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