Taurus And Scorpio: Are They Compatible?

Scorpio is a sign of jealousy. But, this is not a bad quality always. What for are you jealous is more important! At times, jealousy can be productive as well. They say, the opposite poles attract each other. This is very true in your relationship. Even though there is nothing in common as such between the two, the attraction between you is intense, almost magnetic! Both of you are possessive to the extreme, and you can't stay away from each other.

Your emotional levels are quite different. Taurus is a simple and straightforward personality. Scorpio is not. The demands are more and more intense with Scorpio. Scorpio can not tolerate and accept the half-hearted approach. You both are stubborn in your respective areas. To uphold your principles, you are willing to break, not bend! This is not a fair quality. Communication is an important tool for you, the differences between both of you can be solved through communication.

Logic is a science no doubt, but don't be a very ardent devotee of logic. Logic creates more problems than it solves. Both of you need to remember that for every argument, there is a counter argument. You are not going to win an individual's heart, through reasoning. But, through love you can- rather you will! The bull fight culture is not good for individuals nor for the society!

Scorpio is a hidden personality whereas Taurus is the open one. The feelings of the Scorpio are intense. The love is intense; the jealousy is intense; the hatred is intense, if Scorpio feels betrayed. Scorpio, in such situations not only hates, he takes a hostile position, and is bent upon seeking vendetta! There are many kinds of poisonous elements in the secret chambers of the heart of Scorpio, not visible or understood by Taurus, at times.

The probing quality, and the no-trust attitude of Scorpio, bothers Taurus most. Scorpio wants proof for everything, and finds it difficult to trust Taurus on the face value. Scorpio doubts and doubts, even though there is no scope for doubt! Scorpio is always interested to know, what is going behind the curtains, even though there is nothing to look at!

Every situation is a serious situation for Scorpio. Nothing is taken lightly. This probing aspect at times, becomes very difficult for the Taurus to bear and endure. Ask a sober Taurus, what is the meaning of “That which can not be cured, must be endured.” He will explain it in length, if there is no Scorpio around!

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