Cancer And Leo: Are They Compatible?

It is the companionship of two proud people, one prouder. Both of you take the situations- small or big, seriously. Proud people get wounded easily and intensely. You just can't tolerate or accept any criticism. You need someone to constantly pump up your ego. You like appreciation, many a times more than what you deserve. You feel that whatever you do is correct. If your partner appreciates you with clockwork precision, you are happy. Otherwise, you feel lost. Cancer is vocal, but Leo is silent. Leo's silence is many a times, more dangerous than the silence of Cancer. Because, when Leo speaks out, it is a burst.

Cancer, though has the qualities of leadership, is ever happy to play the role of Vice Captain. Leo dominates. This contradiction, however, does not pose any problem in smooth functioning of the relationship.

Leo is ever proud like a Lion. He wishes to remain in the center-stage and also the center of attraction. He wishes all around him- his friends and relatives, to applaud him. Like every human being Leo too has the weaknesses. But, the trouble here is that Leo never admits it and poses as the perfect human being.

Loud propaganda, and to exaggerate the things is something that is in the routine protocol of Leo. Blow everything out of proportion and take credit for it, this is the way of working of Leo. Leo is ever ready to step on the stomach of the other, for the sake of fulfilling own goals. Cancer does not like such duplicities. Cancer is mores honest and straightforward than Leo. Emotion wise, Leo is more stable than Cancer. Since Cancer is a supportive human being, Leo will have a smooth sailing in the mutual companionship. You love and respect each other and contradictions and good for nothing arguments are very few in your life.

In the ultimate analysis, you both lead a happy life. The third party would find it difficult to penetrate your joint decisions. Over a period, you formulate a perfect working relationship, which could be the model as well as envy for others. Physically and emotionally, you both are attracted to each other and this is the strength of your relationship. You can also live with your differences in an excellent manner.

Compatibility at the emotional level is of prime importance in any relationship. Leo and Cancer achieve this in good measure. You are able to reach your destination without difficulty.

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