Test Your Astrological Compatibility

Astrology compatibility shows various compatible combinations of sun sign or zodiac sign. These compatible combinations are often studied to make match making forecast. Traditional compatibilities of signs, moon and sun position along with ascendant are of great help in making concluding astrological statement on feasibility of relationship between two folks. Astrology compatibility is also studied by observing positions of Mars and Venus in two birth charts under consideration for marriage or long term companionships.

Astrology compatibility predictions often turn out to be true if they are made by a psychic astrologer who holds command over analysis of traits. As per accepted connotations, a fire sun sign folk never gels well with a water sun sign. For example, an Aries can't be compatible with a Taurus and vice versa. A Taurus gels well with Capricorn and Cancer. While an Aries fits well with Sagittarius or Aquarius folk, Gemini are more prone to have a liasion with Libra and Leo. A Cancerian is best suited for a Scorpio as well as a Capricorn. Cancer may also go well with Virgo or Taurus. A Leo and Sagittarius are said to be meant for each other.

Libra with Gemini and Virgo with Cncer or Cpricorn are favorable combinations. A Scorpion could get along comfortably with Virgo or Taurus. Aquarius and Aries or Aquarius and Gemini would result into good companions. Pisces get along well with Cancer and Capricorn. But on some occasions moon, sun and rising sun studies have shown the reverse of these generally accepted perceptions. Even a Capri has been found to be suitable for an Aries.

Apart from this general compatibility description, study of birth charts of the two folks are likely to give more precised information on it. Your rising sign could be of great help along with sun and moon. Horoscopes, be it a daily horoscope or weekly horoscope throws light on compatibility too. But, detailed information could be sought from a western astrology expert.

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