Astrology Of Love And Romance

'Astrology love' is astrology of possibility of love and  romance between opposite sexes of different signs. Astrology love would let you know about your compatibility and possible love with folks of opposite sexes carrying different sun sign. Astrology love would let you choose the best soul mate for yourself.

Any professional astrologer by comparing your sun sign with other signs would tell you about your likely romances and feasibility of a love marriage. Sun sign compatibility is quite known but to reach at more precise conclusions, astrologers go beyond it.

Relative positions of moon, sun and rising sun would be of great help in telling you about your love life. Birth chart observations could be of great help. Comparison of two birth charts would tell about possible love chemistry between the two folks.

If your sun is positioned in the zodiac sign that also has rising sun of your would be partner or companion, then your love life is going to be rocking. It reveals about strong love attraction between two folks of opposite sexes.

A coincidence of sun sign of a male and moon sign of a female would tell about a rocking romantic and physical attraction. As it is said that man's intensity and energy derived from sun gels well with woman's softness and emotional requisites derived from the moon. It could be vice versa too with a man's moon and a woman's sun in the same zodiac sign. But, in that case, woman would tend to dominate over man.

This astrology also takes into consideration the positions of Mars and Venus in respective birth charts. Rising sun relations or coincidence with Mars and Venus also make interesting revelations about love life.

Cyberastro or computer astrology often offers space for love astrology. You can access it any time. Love forecast made by a dexterous astrologer often turns out to be true. All genre of astrology such as Vedic astrology or Chinese Astrology have their own way of interpreting love.

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