Let's Get To Know Astrology

Before raking your brain at an introductory understanding of astrology, you please try to understand some of the general statements in relation to astrology.

Stars and other celestial bodies only impel, they do not compel!

The celestial bodies are gross. The human will-power is subtle. Is subtle always more powerful than the gross? Can you control your destiny? Or do you need to watch helplessly the events going on in your life taking shape around you? Are you the weak or are the most powerful? Can the astrological predictions really solve your problems? Can astrology come to your rescue at the critical junctures and turn of events?

A clearcut definition of astrology is an extremely difficult one. It is the clubbing together of traditions, systems and beliefs on the basis of relative positions of celestial bodies. It is the reveal-all science where the predictions are made about your personality, human affairs, national and international events and almost everything. An astrologer is believed to be the jack of all trades who knows everything about every topic in your life.

Astrology and astronomy are in a way related. But, the differences among these sciences are fundamental and in some way, poles apart as well. Astronomy is concerned with the scientific study of astronomical objects. Astrology is mystic, mainly it is interpretation and explanation of matters relating to the positions and movements of the heavenly bodies in deciding the 'fate' of human beings. The scientific community dubs astrology as a pseudoscience or superstition, as it has failed to prove so many things.

On the astrological front, the opinion is a confirmed one. It is real, nothing but the truth. Yes, sometimes half-baked intellectuals, by reading a few texts on astrology begin practicing to influence the worried and the gullible, and that's how the science of astrology becomes defamed. Whereas, such individuals are doing enough harm to the science of astrology, the scientists who condemn astrology outright, also do the same thing. If you don't understand a thing, or if you don't wish to understand it, you have no right to condemn it either!

From the earliest known civilizations, we see that astrology has had its place on a raised pedestal. It has had respect and recognition. It was recognized as a scientific system. The identification of the planets and even the symbolic division of the sky into zodiac signs and explanation about their invisible influences was on mathematical lines.

The Egyptian, Sumerian, Chaldean and Chinese Civilizations, all had their astrological systems. There are interesting references to astrology in many ancient scriptures. Vedanga Jyotisha, the Indian text on astrology is no ordinary text. Highly realized souls and evolved individuals, who know the comprehensive truth behind the evolution and functioning of everything in the cosmos, are only capable of producing such divine literature!

Astrology is not the heritage of the East alone. The West is also equally fascinated about the science of astrology and there exists solid evidence to prove that astrology and astronomy are integral parts of both the cultures.

On the practical front and from the point of view of management, the study of astrology helps a lot in self-analysis. Professional psychologists are reaping the advantages of the data available as per astrological calculations, from the horoscope of an individual.

Since astrology deals mainly with the “future fears”, it still the highly read literature. It is now a universally accepted fact that you can escape rewards or punishments for your actions. Every action has a reaction and the intensity of the reaction is in proportion to the intensity of the action. Over this, there is no dispute among the scientists and the spiritualists! One of the rare agreements between the two contending forces. Normally, the two opposing forces.

By the way of general observation, you can notice the difference in the behavior and temperament of the persons born in different zodiac signs. If you give respect to this principle, you cannot dismiss astrology as superstition. Do study the texts with an open mind, and then come to the conclusion. By simply condemning astrology, you prove that you too are superstitious, though in a different way!

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