Taurus And Virgo: Are They Compatible?

You are an ideal match. You have many things in common. The traits are similar. Your devotion to each other, is worth emulating by others. You have effortlessly changed marriage partnership into working partnership. Your working norms are mostly one and the same.

As for food, Virgo cares a lot for the contents of the diet. You are very particular about what to eat and what not to eat. You not only like good food, but are willing to assist in cooking as well. Kitchen is one place where you feel very comfortable and you like to experiment with many types of dishes. Taurus just enjoys what is in front, on the dining table.

Both of you wish to expertise in one area or the other. It could be gardening or making bread. To bring  change in any aspect of life, small or big, both of you apply proper thought. You analyze and discuss. Taurus doesn't like the change much, and would like to carry on with the available arrangement. If the change is decided upon, the rewards are accepted in good spirit, loss or gain. Virgo at times thinks too hard. Just because of this, sometimes, it becomes difficult to get along with Virgo. You worry too much about the inconsequential. This is the time, when the match woks its complimentary nature. The emotional strength and love for stability comes to the rescue of Virgo and a balance is struck!

As a Virgo, your life is full of changes. Fluctuating circumstances and disorganization is your way of life. Virgo is a rebel against the establishment and the system. Taurus has a better capacity for adjustment and is capable of carrying on with the available discipline and circumstances.

Your relationship works very well for the simple reason that both of you wish to live life in its duty and  beauty. You will always add something special to the activities in your life, there is no chance of you being caught in the boring-trap. You know your limitations and you care for the independence of your partner. Both of you are loyal and practical. You are capable and good love makers. Apart from your relationship, you are good friends. You communicate with each other, at effective levels, with the curiosity of a learner. You respect each other views.

A word of caution for you. Do not ridicule each other, even when your reasoning clashes. You can walk together, even with disagreement in some areas. The positive vibrations are too strong to create any major obstacles in your relationship.

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