An Insight Into Hindu Astrology

A hindu astrology is nothing but vedic astrology. Since this vedic astrology was derived from the age old hindu testaments called the vedas, that's why it is called Vedic astrology. The astrology is also known as Indian astrology as this country is it's birth place.

It is an astrology of heavenly bodies. Movement of heavenly bodies corresponding to a zodiac sign is examined in detail to make astrological statement. It is perhaps the most ancient from of astrology but it is still flourishing at it's best. The decade has resulted in renaissance of this astrology.

This hindu astrology is a rising sun astrology. According to it, for every moment on the earth, there exists a point on a Zodiac sign that tends to rise from the eastern horizon like sun. Like sun points, the stars of a person also rise and set accordingly. Hindu astrology is often identified with moon sign or janma rashi. Janma Rashi is prepared after knowing relative position of moon to  the point in the zodiac sign. Sun sign is corresponding position of Zodiac with respect to the sun's movement.

A Hindu zodiac sign possess two clusters of stars as it's component. There exist twenty six clusters of stars in Hindu astrology. These stars are presumed to move in imaginary path ways. Various planetary movements are of great importance in Hindu astrology. Birth chart is also prepared and is known as Janam Patri.

Rahu and Ketu points play pivotal role in ascertaining details of a person under scanning. These are two coinciding points of a moon's movement with ecliptic. These points are in two opposite corners with geometric distance of hundred and eighty degree. Like other astrologies, Hindu astrology too gives away it's daily horoscope. Astrologers practicing it are called Jyotish. This astrology is known for its accuracy of analysis.

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