Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is an age old form or perhaps the most primitive form of astrology that is under practice, even now. In fact, the recent decades have shown adherence of young generation with this astrology. India being the birth place of this astrology is being visited by more and Americans and western folks to get acquainted with Vedic astrology. This astrology basically aims at observing all heavenly particles in the universe to reveal about a person. It is derived from Vedas testaments of Hindu religion. It is also known as Hindu astrology.

This is a rising sun astrology. According to it, for every moment on the earth, there exists a point on a Zodiac sign that tends to rise from the eastern horizon like sun. Like sun points, the stars of a person also rise and set accordingly. The Janma Rashi is the most important aspect of a Vedic astrology. It is made after getting acquainted with the position of moon in relation to point in the zodiac sign.

Similarly, respective location of zodiac and sun give away sun sign.A vedic sign consists of two group of stars. There are twenty six clusters of stars in vedic astrology. Vedic zodiac is basically the grouping of these stars that are assumed to move in imaginary paths.

Different planetary movements are of extreme significance in this genre of astrology. A birth chart is also prepared that is known as Janam Patri. Rahu and Ketu points play major role in determining one's fate according to them. These are two coinciding points of a moon's movement with ecliptic. These points are in two opposite corners with a geometric distance of hundred and eighty degree.

This astrology also has it's own daily horoscope. It's monthly horoscope also tends to give detailed insight into the sun sign. Jyotish is the practitioner of this astrology.

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