Compatibility Of Horse With Horse

To deal with the same astrological sign is somewhat similar to possess a bank guarantee. You are sure about something. You will get at some definite outcome! You connect instantly, without any delay. The rapport is good. Your motives are similar. You are industrious. You both have a good sense of humor. You are not only industrious but you are witty as well. That makes your work a fun. Both of you demand attention, and this could be the bone of contention as to who should lead. How your mind will function in such a situation is difficult to predict. Unfortunately, you don't have a fixed approach to problems. You change your decisions in a mercurial fashion.

Your love life is good. You love each other strongly and expect to be loved back with equal vigor. The danger point is your fickle-mindedness. At the most unsuspected time, you change your mind and put your associate in quandary and confusion. Good projects require constant application. They can not run on fancy and with confused thinking. So, you need to keep your lines of communication open so that you iron out your differences well in time. It is no use to repent when the damage is done. Keep working for a long term association.

As for business, your success depends upon the type of the project you intend to handle. The project should interest you both and give enough play field. You have great capacity for hard work, only you need to focus well. Your enemy number one is your confusion and that you are unable to hold on to a particular project. Some obstacles and confusion, and your spirits are done with. But when the going is good, your association is great and gives joy to both of you. You need to know and understand the strength and weakness of each other, even though you share the same sign. Your workplace is always exciting and your friends and associates would love to deal with you. Your business foresight is good, and once you are on the expansion-spree, it is difficult to stop you. Your competitors stand nowhere before your business acumen.

As per the Chinese Astrology, your compatibility percentage is 80. It is the balance of 20%, that must get your attention always. Never allow any situation to blow out of proportion. And always remember, “ your best friend is your worst enemy!”

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