Compatibility Of Dragon With Snake

A top match on many counts. You are mutually competitive for the common cause. You work for success and you are not satisfied until you constantly progress on the road to success. You have the inherent qualities that any successful individual must need. With mutual agreement and consent you have excellent division of labor between you. You have demarcated your duties and responsibilities, and that does not create any confusion in working. Dragon has good public relations and the Snake provides adequate in-house support. So to say, the Dragon introduces new business associates and once they come, Snake has the innate charm to maintain them.

The Dragon has the mythical charm in China. Chinese parents consider themselves lucky, if they have a Dragon child. Such children are very intelligent, it is firmly believed by the Chinese people. Snake too, considers Dragon, the harbinger of fortune. The level of confidence of the Dragon is so high, that many times you ignore the well-meaning advice of the Snake. Dragon is not afraid to face the most difficult problem. You are so firm, you are considered a dictator. Your ego level is also very high and during those tension-ridden uncomfortable situations the patience and endurance of the Snake is tested to the brink. But the Snake has the innate desire for security. That makes it surrender before the Dragon and put up with its tantrums.

For the relationship to flourish, Snake and the Dragon need to keep the lines of communication open through out. This is the foundation stone of your relationship and this should never shake. The approach of the Dragon is harsh and direct while that of the snake is indirect and subtle. You have a high degree of physical attraction. This helps sink most of your differences. You have different views on many counts, but that does not mean that you oppose each other. Dragon waits and gets lucky breaks and gets them quite often. Dragon is quick to take advantage of a favorable situation.

You have a good love life. Your physical attraction is intense. As business partners also, you do very well. Business-wise, both signs are lucky. The Snake does not depend upon luck alone. You never forget the hard work part. Your place of business will keep you busy with activities and more activities. It will make you even enthusiastic and contented. You shall have perfect ambiance in your workplace, that will bring joy to the visitors. The level of negative vibrations in works place is negligible and positive vibrations zoom around all over.

As per Chinese Astrology, your compatibility rate is 80%. Good going!

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