Compatibility Of Dragon With Pig

The fiery Dragon is not as fierce as you appear to be. The outer appearance has nothing to do with the inner core. You are a fine, ambitious, wanting-to-achieve-something individual. One needs to understand you. That's exactly what the Pig does about your relationship and therefore you are successful. Most of the things in life go very well for you in life and living. Both of you are affectionate and friendly. The Pig is a family lover and pays more attention to the household affairs, which is also to the liking of the Dragon. Both of you wish to experience the new and modern facilities, that the materialistic civilization offers in abundance. You have the fine sense of appreciation and admiration for each other.

The Pig has the quiet methods of doing things. This is misunderstood by the Dragon as laziness. Notwithstanding your basic differences in approach to life, you two are perfect lovers. That is mainly because you have no confusion about your differences and you are aware of them. You can always tread the middle-path taking the differences along with you. The moody and fiery ways of the dragon are not in line with the quiet ways of the Pig. 'You do your job according to your calculations, let me do mine as per my judgment,' should be the approach of both of you, and fortunately it is! Therefore, your fine relationship is the envy of the others!

Slow to start, does not mean that you are lazy. Once you pick up speed, the Pig has the capacity to work for long hours, without intermission. Your dedication is of the highest order and you bring success to the projects. As it is, the Dragon sign is considered lucky, and risk-taking mostly proves to be your positive quality and you are successful. You are born lucky so, success follows you in your endeavors. The domesticated Pig is willing to accept the Dragon as the leader and with mutual co-operation and understanding, you achieve your set goals. You are trustworthy and loyal and this is another factor that brings to successes after success.

As per the Chinese Astrology, the compatibility ratio between you two is 80%. This should give you lots of confidence and pursue the path of happiness with more determination. Sometimes, the Pig takes the home and family loving quality to the extreme, and you almost neglect your friends and associates.

So, obsessed you are for your own people!

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