Compatibility Of Dragon With Horse

A top level compatible match with rare combinations. You have fun as well as purpose in life. You inspire each other. Your level of thinking on many issues has much in common. You wish to lead a good life, and that standard you wish to achieve by working hard and keep yourself busy. But you can't stick to a particular type of vocation or business and you enjoy changes. Innovation is the very part of the life of you both. Your level of confidence in your partner is high and that makes your life interesting and smooth.

Your love-life is of the top notch grade. You have immense mutual attraction. You wish to move around, visit your friends and relatives and you enjoy social life. You are not home-birds. You are purposeful at the same time, you are fun-loving too. Your friends will admire your wit and humor and will appreciate your sense of togetherness. Of the two, the Horse appears to be stronger, but actually you are not. You have a sense of insecurity, strange it may seem! But the overpowering and protective attitude of the Dragon will save the situation for you. You are so intensely attached to each other, mutual support proves to be an addiction for you. You will suffer intensely, even if the separation is for a short duration.

Both of you are born businessmen. You don't revel in speculation and build castles in the air. Along with your high-pitched ambition, you have the practical abilities to translate them into action. But surprisingly, Dragon is the leader of your business establishment and will provide direction at all crucial situations. The Horse will dance around to the tunes set by the Dragon. A competitive business atmosphere will prevail in the place where you work together. Both of you inspire each other and your business empire will progress, leaps and bounds. As for the Horse, it is difficult to remain engaged in one type of business for long, but the Dragon has the art to keep the Horse interested in the position and area that the Dragon wants you to be!

The Horse, though has a strong tendency to wander, once you find your destination, you feel sure and assured and would like to settle down there and find your peace. As per the Chinese astrology, the compatibility rate between the Dragon and the Horse is 80%. This level gives lots additional confidence to the already confident signs.

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