Compatibility Of Dog With Dog

The Dog is known for loyalty and your problem is that you expect the same level of loyalty from other signs. Others do have loyalty but not to the extent you expect. With two dogs there is no problem. Loyalty issue is settled and therefore, you can get along very well. You can fully trust each other and with that assurance, you can enjoy life without any internal worry. Most of your traits are identical and you have no problems on this account also. You have no difficulty in living together, and as for your occasional lapse of moods, you know when the other needs time to be alone. Being aloof and alone replenishes your energy and you are your original self again.

Your love life should be good. Since both of you are moody beings at times, do not try to do the emotional blackmail, when the other is down. Have consideration, because you may suffer from similar mood sometime later. Both of you are home-birds and find your happiness within the four walls of the house. You know what is 'Home, sweet home!' But that does not mean, you don't like the outdoor activities. You like long walks. You have your own style to participate in social gatherings. Since you are a moody and sensitive individual, you realize that you should not hurt the other, possessing similar mood. You will not hurt your partner intentionally. As for loyalty, you are second to none. You are quick to lose temper, but you will regain your original composure soon, and you will forget the bitterness that caused you to lose temper.

In business, you get along well, as your outlook and ambitions are similar. Your concern for the good of the society is intense, and you are inclined towards social issues that benefit the underdog and the society in general. You are diplomatic and you have the fine sense of anticipation. You excel in public relations and you will make deep, favorable impression on your clients and associates. But once you take a decision about a particular matter, you are very stern and it is difficult for anyone to make you budge from your stated viewpoint or stand. At times, it can be your strength, but the same could prove to be your weakness as well.

As per Chinese Astrology, your compatibility percentage is 70%. That should serve as the solid assurance for you.

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