Scorpio Astrology

Scorpio astrology helps reveal all about folks with Scorpio sun sign. Scorpio is one of the western sun signs that comes under water element and period assigned to this sun sign is 23rd October to 22nd November.

Sun Sign Astrology: An Intriguing Scorpion

Astrology sun sign details happen to be the main source of astrological assessment. Every sun sign possesses certain distinct traits with the help of which people of one sun sign could be easily distinguished from others. Scorpio is one such peculiar astrological sun sign.

Aries And Aquarius: Are They Compatible?

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” This is true of the Aries but you the Aquarius, are an individual of high ideals. You think much ahead of your time. You have your individuality, your own stamped views and therefore your perception, at times, is entirely different from others.

Aries And Capricorn: Are They Compatible?

Both of you are special individuals. You work with a brisk pace. Both of you wish to achieve success in life, but the paths chosen by you to achieve the same, are different.

Aries And Pieces: Are They Compatible?

You are Pieces. You are the ardent supporter of mind over matter theory. You think so much, to the point, one can label you as an impractical person. Your first problem with the Aries is this.

Cancer And Capricorn: Are They Compatible?

Both of you are different. Cancer is a domesticated individual, loves family activities, deeply committed to friendship, they are all a vital part of his life. Without them, he feels helpless and lonely.

Cancer And Sagittarius: Are They Compatible?

Your nature is entirely different, you are poles apart, and yet can you think of the North Pole without the South Pole? Your mutual relationship is like that. Both of you are good individuals.

Capricorn And Capricorn: Are They Compatible?

The practical people sometimes lack one important quality that makes life miserable on many occasions, your lack of humor. It costs nothing to laugh heartily. Your laughter will add more to your enthusiasm.

Gemini And Leo: Are They Compatible?

You both are delightful personalities. You have many things in common. Humor and fun are parts of your life. On the intellectual side, Leo is not at par with Gemini. Gemini functions at a higher level.

Gemini And Libra: Are They Compatible?

You are a near perfect match for each other. Both of you are intelligent and have the big hearts to appreciate the points of view of the other. You are not private individuals, both of you like to interact with each other on a regular basis.

Gemini And Virgo: Are They Compatible?

Here are the two “number one”` batsmen. Both openers! Intellectual exercises are like a sports activity to both of you. Your rapport is excellent. You take time to talk to and appreciate each other. Both of you are witty.