Misconceptions Regarding Astrology Chart

There are lots of misconceptions regarding astrology chart. Many people think it something that is needed to calculate the astrology predictions. They feel that astrology chart is something one needs while computing anything regarding astrology.

Free Astrology Charts

Astrology charts tell everything about an individual and his fate, his misfortunes, the reasons of them, influence of stars. There are paid astrology charts as well as free astrology charts. What are free astrology charts? Well the charts that you can get for free are called free astrology charts.

What & How Of Astrology Charts

Its often seen that while trying to find out the compatibility between two persons an astrologer demands respective astrology charts for both of them. Many people think this as something that is needed to calculate the astrology compatibility.

Astrology - A Dying Art

Sound wave analysis, tantra science professionals and blind men reading your palms and telling you the solutions for your problems have led me to believe that astrology has become a dying art.

Influence Of Astrology On The Development Of English Language!

Astrology has profoundly influenced the Western and Eastern cultures, along with their languages, in the past few thousand years. I find it amusing that in the middle ages, even the learned populace of the time believe in astrology.

Are The Stars To Be Blamed?

“I do not why this is happening to me? It must be because of my stars!” Do you often hear yourself saying that? Yes? So what about all the actions that lead to this particular event in your life? Just because you cannot recall a particular action because of which this is happening to you, you start blaming the stars.

Astrology Traditions

I have found that different astrology traditions were prevalent in different cultures through history. Today, I introduce you to some of these. Its interesting that despite their differences, there exist profound similarities among the methods underlying these traditions.

Astronomy v/s Astrology

I find it amusing that two fields as different as astronomy and astrology have similar origin in the study of heavenly bodies. Isn't it interesting that the planetary data collected by Tycho Brahe for astrological charts was later used by Kepler to formulate the laws of planetary motion.

Astrology: A Growing Market

I find the market for astrology increasing rapidly with the growth in the number of radio stations and internet. With the progress of science, people are getting increasingly insecure and turning to ancient methods of prediction for reassurance.

Don't Visit The Astrologer Who…

Don't blame astrology, if you feel cheated by an astrologer. Astrology is absolutely right in its own way, but it is the astrologer, with little knowledge, who has made it to appear so apocryphal.

Is Astrology Scientific

You can not get the correct answer to this question until and unless you study it deeply. It is rightly said, many mind, many find. Recently, researchers investigating the different aspects of astrology have concluded that there is no evidence to support a link between personality, intelligence and birth dates.