Gemini And Sagittarius: Are They Compatible?

Your activities are different, your interests are diverse and yet you are capable of fine tuning them to live a happy life. Differences notwithstanding, you are capable of reaching to that path which will take you in the direction of a common goal.

Taurus And Cancer: Are They Compatible?

The relationship between Taurus and Cancer is like between the moon and the seashore! You feel refreshed and invigorated in the company of each other. You have many things in common that contribute to domestic happiness.

Taurus And Libra: Are They Compatible?

This is an ideal relationship. Both of you like peaceful approach to life. You enjoy each other's company. At the same time, both of you are good public relations individuals.

Astrology Cancer

‘Astrology cancer’ computes all the qualities of the persons who are born between June 22nd and July 22nd. The zodiac sign to which they belong is called Cancer, and the sign is of the Crab.

Taurus And Sagittarius: Are They Compatible?

You are opposite poles, and 'opposite poles attract each other,' could be your consolation, but actually it is not! Your hearts are like muffled drums. The music of each other will not be audible to you, and if audible, will not be so sweet.

Aries And Libra: Are They Compatible?

The basic and the foremost difference between Aries and Libra is that Aries is impulsive, capable of taking rash and quick decision, without worrying about the consequences, whereas Libra is an individual of caution.

Gemini And Capricorn: are They Compatible?

The differences between you are fundamental. One of approach and that of likes and dislikes. Capricorn works to a system. You have your methods and fixed plans. You wish to make it a perfect execution and you have clearcut goals.

Aries And Aries: Are They Compatible?

An Aries individual is not the one to fall in love and duck in marriage. He is vocal about his intentions, and means business. He is possessed with love and expects to be loved intensely. If not, he is disappointed.

Capricorn And Aquarius: Are They Compatible?

One of the best combinations perhaps from the point of view of astrology! Both of you have a competitive spirit. You have so many positive qualities in common that it is quite easy for you to understand what is going on in the minds of each other.

Taurus And Scorpio: Are They Compatible?

Scorpio is a sign of jealousy. But, this is not a bad quality always. What for are you jealous is more important! At times, jealousy can be productive as well. They say, the opposite poles attract each other.

Cancer And Leo: Are They Compatible?

It is the companionship of two proud people, one prouder. Both of you take the situations- small or big, seriously. Proud people get wounded easily and intensely. You just can't tolerate or accept any criticism. You need someone to constantly pump up your ego.